Nika Feldman: About

As an interdisciplinary textile artist my work shifts form, intersecting between object, installation, and performance. Regardless, a consistency remains in terms of concept, materiality, technique, and process. Overall, my work explores issues of sartorial identity from an auto-ethnographic perspective. Central to this conceptual framework, all materials used are sourced from second-hand clothing. In this way, my work directly addresses through engaged action, the ecology of exploitive neocolonial practices in relation to the global garment industry. 

Just as my work offers a cultural critique through its concepts and materiality, so does it offer a countering energy of healing manifested through the specifically chosen techniques and processes. Using scissors, needle and thread, ideas of identity are deconstructed and reconstructed. The choice to limit myself to working with two basic tools (scissors and needle), allows for a direct physical relationship with the work. Slowing the regulation of time down to a human, not machine, pace through acts of cutting and stitching aligns itself to the natural rhythms of breath and heartbeat. Additionally, the repetition involved in such time consuming practices equates to that of meditation. In this way, that which could be considered monotonous is instead transformed into something sacred, a process of ritual.

As an artist, I work from a place of questioning rather than a vision of intention. By maintaining self-established artistic boundaries through concept, materiality, technique, and process I am able to let the work develop organically free from my control. Not surprisingly my work advances ahead of my own comprehension, leaving me to decipher that which has become exposed.